Wednesday, September 2, 2009


You may remember that back in April we planted some vegetables - Roma tomatoes and baby carrots as well as some marigolds and morning glory's. And the poor oregano that got blown off the porch during a storm and was spread across the yard.

By the end of May the little green leaves were showing. The kids were so excited and actually thought that the leaves were the end product.

And in the past two weeks our tomatoes have gone from green to orange to yummy red. (she's saying "tomato" as I take the picture, not singing an aria.)

Yes, they are little. And it's probably my fault. Apparently I didn't read the directions thoroughly enough and neglected to thin out the plants once they started to grow. So they were very crowded for the majority of their short adolescence. So lesson learned and next year will be different.

See the tall marigolds in the back? Again, I don't think that's normal and is a result of me not thinning them out.

I didn't realize soon enough that the morning glory is a climbing plant and needs to...climb. So it started to climb a bush that is next to our porch. I moved it to our light post but that move delayed it's growth.
It's amazing that these plants even flowered with my ineptitude. I think this just proves that God exists, otherwise all these plants would have died.

The kids and I loved looking at the plants every morning. Brian was even kind enough to take care of them when we were at Camp Hunt. Next year we will do tomatoes again and green peppers. The carrots are fun but you can't watch them grow because they're underground. The kids have picked more carrots than not in trying to determine if they were ready to be picked. (Do you see the dilemma?)
Yet, even after four months of observing and talking about the plants Jamison has still not learned to DO NOT PICK THAT FLOWER JAMISON or STOP TRYING TO EAT THE LEAVES JAMISON. At this point I'm wondering if he is just doing these things for fun.

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Rachel said...

We are just getting beautiful red tomatoes as well! How fun it is to watch them grow and to watch our children as they learn about God and his creation alongside that growth!