Saturday, September 5, 2009


As I was going through my posts I realized I created this one, but never posted it. It's from our time at the beach back in July.

A butterfly landed on Jamison's hat. You can just barely see its' wings in the picture.

When it flew away he saw it and screamed. Then he tried to chase it.

I love that they can now smile on demand and look cute doing it.

Up until this year Lily called the jet-skis "little boats".

Jamison squealed every time he saw the jet skis. Call us stupid, but we assumed that meant he would enjoy riding on one. He put up a good fight but we knew that once he went for a ride he would enjoy it. And he did. But we won't rub it in his face. If he needs therapy for this later in life I will own up to it.

Wind-blown hair from the jet-ski.

The only way they could be more pale is if they were vampires. But they don't sparkle so I have confirmed that they are not un-dead.

This picture was taken last year (2008) of Nathan, Emerson, and Lily.

And so I had to take one for this year. I wonder how many years I can keep this up. Will they be 20 & 21 years old complaining to me when I line them up in the water for a picture? Most likely, yes.

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Rachel said...

Looks like lots of fun!