Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Last week the whole family (sans my dad who was working so that we all could afford to go on vacation) went on vacation in Orlando. As if we were all participants on The Amazing Race the Nashville branch of the family raced the New York branch of the family to MCO last Sunday.

Unfortunately for us, we arrived way past bedtime which prompted the kids to act like gremlins that were fed after midnight.

But by the time we entered Magic Kingdom we were forced to be happy since it is the happiest place on earth. While we were on the monorail the announcer welcomed us to the happiest place on earth and Lily looked at me wide eyed and open mouth - "Is Disney World really the happiest place on earth?!" "I'll let you know at 5pm tonight."

Lily was now tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides. She and Brian went on those adventures while Jamison and I enjoyed throwing leaves in water from a bridge and watching for Lily and Brian to splash down Splash Mountain.

After scaring the begeebers out of Jamie on The Pirates of the Caribbean we switched kids. Brian and Jamie went on the Dumbo ride and Lily, Grrrmam and I went shopping for a new princess dress and to visit the princesses.

(For some random reason my pictures won't center unless I also center my text. I have no idea why blogger is doing this.) After that royal experience we met up with the boys to go for a car ride. She wanted to steer but couldn't reach the pedals. Do you know how difficult it is to accelerate from the passenger seat while the driver veers left and right manically?

Oh look. Brian decided to just drive by himself. Where are you Jamison?

There he is! (barely). The cars don't come with booster seats.

3,738th attempt to get them to all look at the camera at the same time.

Lily, Ruthie, Maddie, and Jamie.

We had dinner at Cinderella's Table in the castle. The combination of nap deprivation and extreme sun exposure led to a very silly-crazy two year old boy. If Cinderella had actually been at our table Jamie would have been thrown in the dungeon. Or sent to sew clothes for Jac, Gus, and Mary. One or the other.

At one point in the dinner the Fairy Godmother asked if anyone had a birthday. Lily raised her hand because, of course, she has a birthday. I have to side with her on that one. The Fairy Godmother did not phrase her question appropriately. The waitress came over with a little cake for Lily and at that point she felt bad for raising her hand. I reassured her that it wasn't a problem because we deserved a free cake for the price of the dinner.

I totally staged this shot. I will admit that there are times I completely feed into her princess obsession.

This picture typifies my kids. Lily regally posing and Jamison trying to dive into the fountain.

There we go. Although I am suspicious as to why he has his hands behind his back. Do not let your guard down with this one.

This was just day one. But lucky for you, since we have been to Disney before I didn't take that many more pictures.

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Cary/Ashley said...

Love the princess pictures!! Glad that you had a fun day there!