Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Pre-School started this week in the Whitt household. The kids preschool asks that they each have a bag to bring home their tremendous amount of no...I mean artistic renderings.

Lily colored hearts on hers and then we ironed on a sparkly heart. I tired not to gag at all the pink. It's the bag Pollyanna would die for. Jamison got a lion iron on.

Lily next to her cubby. For you observant ones, yes, she is wearing a different dress. I brought my camera on Tuesday to take pictures only to have the battery die on me. So this was actually the second day of school.

Lily with her best friend, Ella. I think they made commitments to each other to only wear dresses and to reject pants for the rest of pre-school.

And the look on Jamison's face says it all. "We're doing this again? Please don't leave me." For the first week of Jamie's class one of the parents are invited to stay for the first hour. We're told to bring a book and to be boring. Jamison does not think I'm boring....but we're working on it. He hasn't cried - yet, but he continually comes over to me and talks to me. He's in the same class as he was last year so I'm not worried, I just wish he wouldn't make such a show about me leaving.

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BW said...

These two children look just like their parents. One is little Katie and the other is little Brian.