Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Training Wheels

So last week Lily decided to take the training wheels off of her bike. She was done with them. I didn't even know she knew how to take them off. Part of me is impressed and the other part of my wonders what else she can disassemble without my permission.

The problem was that she didn't know how to ride a two-wheeler. I practiced with her for about 30 minutes and while she was determined, she was no where near peddling on her own. She was excited and I was in back was spasming from holding onto the seat of the bike.

I told Lily that daddies are better at teaching bike riding than mommies. How awful is that!??! But it worked. She tortured Brian until he was able to take her out.

She still doesn't know how to ride a two-wheeler. But she gets an A for effort. I'll give her an A+ if she can put those training wheels back on.


Cary/Ashley said...

i am impressed with her mechanical ability!!

Rachel said...

At least she is trying, right mama?! I love that you told her Daddy's were better at that job! You crack me up!

BW said...

My child taught herself to ride a bicycle. I tried, she and I were both frustrated and then I told her that I could not make it balance for her but that she had to feel it balance. In about 30 minutes she had it mastered. I think she must have been a brilliant child.

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

BW- she was a brilliant child! it must be genetic!