Friday, September 18, 2009


A few times this summer we went golfing as a family. Well, that's not exactly true. Brian went golfing. I sat on the golf cart and read while the kids played in the sand traps and ran wild. One of Jamie's favorite activities was to sit in the "back seat" of the golf cart.

This could be illegal. But if it keeps the kid entertained for an extended period of time I'm willing to risk it.

Not only do they play in the sand traps but they are also good at cleaning the golf balls and putting broken tees in the broken tee box thingy. I don't know what half the things on the golf course are called.

And this was a new move from Jamison. I thought he was just trying to stand on his head.

But no. He was pushing his head through the sand. He was filthy and dripping with sand. He made such a lovely impression on the other golfers. Lily was kind enough to rake the path that he created.

Even though Brian was the only one who got some exercise whenever we went out, it was fun to be outside together. We had a very short summer this year so we appreciated each day that the sun was shining.

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Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun family outing to me! I love that Jamison was trying to be an ostrich in the sand traps!