Friday, August 7, 2009

What Did We Do At The Lake?

I have so many pictures from our week at the lake that I've divided them up into a couple of posts. A lot of these pictures look better if you click on them and make them larger. But I'm not telling you what to do. It's just a suggestion.

Last year was pretty chaotic trying to get all of us (there were 25 of us this year) on the road for church services so we decided to have our own services on the lawn this year. We rounded up our beach chairs and praised God on a beautiful sunny morning.

Since I wasn't sure what the weather was going to be like I had to prepare for indoor activities for Jamison. This was one of the best things I've ever bought for this kid. It has an easy to use remote control and you can "lift off" the plane or bring it in for a landing. It stays on the track the whole time except for when he pried it off as it was trying to move.

The kids spent a lot of time running in and out of all our cabins. When they were in mom and dads there was always The Wiggles to help them get rid of some energy. Unfortunately for mom, she was usually trying to relax when the kids stampeded into her place.

I have no idea where she got the binoculars or what she was looking at. The binoculars would appear out of nowhere throughout the week and she never knew which end to look through.

On Monday Lily and I planned an obstacle course for the kids. She even created maps for Nathan and Emerson so they would know what order to run the obstacles. Here are her and Nathan starting off the race.

Obstacle # 2 - Hit the t-ball.

The final stretch - run up the hill and go down the slip n slide.

Next, it was Jamison and Emerson's turn. Jamie was clueless and I couldn't just let Emerson beat him! So I cheated and dragged him around the course.

Lily really wanted the last obstacle on the course to be for the competitors to sit in chairs and rest. I explained that "sitting" wasn't exactly an obstacle for most people so she could do it if she wanted to but I wasn't going to make it an official stop on the course. Nathan was so compliant with her instructions/demands.

I caught four of them sitting in birth order on the couch. Maddie Mostoller and Kristen's twins were missing.
Another of Lily's plans was a lemonade stand. She has been harassing me about a lemonade stand for MONTHS. She saw it on an episode of Max and Ruby and decided that since she and Ruby are soul mates that she must have a lemonade stand as well. I convinced her to wait until the lake because then I could just ask people to come and visit during the 15 minutes that I was sure it would not exceed.
On a side note I need to post something on Max and Ruby and how my children identify themselves by that show. It is very odd.

Brian inadvertently held up the lemonade stand while bringing Jamison up the hill. "No one move until I get my sugar free lemonade!"

The albino Whitt children with their Native American cousins. Obviously Brian and I are descendants of very northern European people. Kristen's kids take after a whole other race. You would never know that they have the same set of grandparents. This picture actually doesn't even do it justice.

More To Come!

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