Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's become our tradition to visit the Adirondack Animal Land when we spend our week at the lake. This is the largest zoo in upstate New York! Whatever that's worth...

Honestly though we have a blast going here every year. It is absolutely perfect for toddlers! If it weren't for naptime, we could have spent the whole day there. The kids take their time visiting the animals and playing in the little villages that are set up.

There isn't an exactly wide variety of animals - the majority of the animals are types of deer and goats. But the place still makes it fun and most importantly, it doesn't smell bad.

You can also feed most of the animals, which Jamison thought was cool since he could eat the leftovers. There are gumball machines with snacks for the animals throughout the park. You put in a quarter and you get a handful of treats. Apparently someone did TONS of research and discovered that monkeys like fruit loops. All around the monkey cages were fruit loops that never made it into the cages from people's attempts to throw them in. Before we could stop him Jamison squatted down and started eating them. It was incredibly disgusting. On a positive note, the other animal treats were indistinguishable pellets and he didn't try to eat those (as much).

This is all old hat for Lily but they had a new play boat area that went over really well.

As usual, attempts were made to get all four looking cute and in the same direction. I was hoping that now that Ruthie has glasses she may actually see us when we continually shout "look at the camera! Show us your teeth!". But no. Not gonna happen.

I love taking the kids into the petting zoo. The absolute worse thing to do when you go into the petting zoo is to feed the animals. Those goats may not be known for their smarts but they know exactly who has the food. If you turn your back for a minute you will risk getting knocked over by a very aggressive, and hungry, goat.

The alpacas, on the other hand, are very friendly and cuddly. I kinda wanna make a blanket out of their wool....and keep one in the backyard so I can look at its cute face everyday.

Jamison thought the sheep were cuddly as well but why he choose the rear end to cuddle with is beyond me.

He was about to go in for a kiss when I stopped him. I mean, I already let him eat monkey fruit loops off the ground I couldn't also let him kiss a sheep's snout.

And this is just a fun picture for me.

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Allison said...

The next time all of the kids in Jamison's class get sick and he doesn't, you can thank that monkey fruit loop for building up his immunity. :)