Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Animal Kingdom

While we knew Lily probably wouldn't be very interested in Animal Kingdom, we had a feeling Jamie might enjoy parts of it. Overall, Animal Kingdom is not worth the entry fee since they don't have many rides. But, it's also amazing to see the kids expressions (or Brian's) when they see the animals up close.

As soon as we told Jamie we were going to see animals he wanted to see hippos. I don't even know how he knew there were hippos there. He was right about the hippos though - the window showed about the water and below it so you could see the hippo making it's slow way into the water.

Jamison even gave us an impromptu performance of Hip-Hip-Hip-Hippopotamous.

So Disney succeeded in sucking us into another over priced theme park...we probably won't be going back to Animal Kingdom again. It's hard to invest in a park where the most impressive thing is the giant turkey leg that you can snack on in the DinoLand area.

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Cary/Ashley said...

Oh the fun hippo song from Scotland school performances!! Glad you have passed it on to a new generation.:)

Did you get my email about checking out GACS' bookstore??