Friday, October 9, 2009


Oh how nice! Brian is taking Jamie and Ruthie for a walk to the playground!

Wait a minute...if you want to play on the swings you just have to say so.

How awesome is the playground? Unfortunately the humidity was 300% so we were just looking anywhere for shade. So Kristen, Brian, and I squeezed inside the cave of the playground where it was the shadiest.

We were able to hide from the sun, but not the kids.

We spent most of the week telling Jamison "No Hugging!". He loves hugging the girls and causing them to either fall or scream. If he didn't try to tackle them they got along great. (Notice Kristen hiding in the cave)

Can you guys which kid? You have a 50/50 shot.

Real ROAR!
Fake ROAR!

Nothing funnier than dizzy kids.


Kristen said...

Ugh. It was so nasty there. I am uncomfortable just looking at the pictures and reliving the humidity in my head.

Lila said...

I was in the air conditioned stores shopping with Janice...oh, so much nicer...but of course you have to remember this is what memories are all about!

Rachel said...

At least the kids look like they are having fun no matter how humid it was!

Thanks for the b-day card! It was cute!