Friday, October 16, 2009


We have a confession. We have been apprehensive about sharing this with others as we don't want to appear to be bad parents. But we feel we must be open and honest. Our son has the smelliest feet in the world. They stink. They stink so badly we have had to discipline him for taking his shoes off in the car. It was for the safety of the driver. We can't have the driver succumbing to the pungent odor.

So he took his shoes off when I had my camera ready a few weeks ago (um, I hope it's clear to the reader that I was not driving). The kids were being silly so I was hoping for something good. Lily thought he was so funny for smelling his feet and scrunching up his face in disgust.

Oh right. Here's another parenting confession. We cannot get the shoulder straps on Jamie's car seat to be tight enough. He is the Houdini of car seat shoulder straps. Here is a list of my attempts to get him to keep them on (obviously tightening the straps was my first attempt and that failed):
ACTION - roll down his window until he puts them back on. REACTION- demand that his window be down for every car ride.
ACTION - turn off the kids music until he puts them back on. REACTION - he sings at the top of his lungs so that the car windows start to crack.
ACTION - pull the car over and tell him we're not moving until he puts them back on. REACTION - apathy.
ACTION - threaten a discipline action once we get home. REACTION - races to struggle to get the straps back on and in these efforts punches himself in the jaw.


Lila said...

I discovered his smelly feet this summer. I was driving and all of a sudden I smelled this terrible odor. I kept on looking around to see if some garbage was left in the car..but it was Jamie! He had taken his shoes and socks off and I was suffering the consequences!!

Kristen said...

Yeah! When we were in Orlando in Mom's room and that smell was everywhere....oh wait. Those were your feet not Jaime's. I wonder where he gets it from?