Friday, May 7, 2010

So What's the Difference Between a Pregnant Woman and a Toddler?

In my opinion...not much.

Once I hit about five months during this pregnancy I realized that Jamison and I were similar in way too many ways. In analyzing our behavior I created the following chart:

Katie - very little meat, comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, and almost any kind of sandwich.
Jamison - very little meat, comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese.
One outstanding difference: I usually NEED a big salad at lunch. Jamison needs a big salad too but only for the croutons...except he calls them froutons.

Katie - every 30 minutes if I'm drinking as much water as I should be drinking.
Jamison - every 30 minutes since he is still in the potty training process.
Outstanding difference: He sleeps in a diaper so he can sleep through the night without getting up. Me...not so much. All in preparation for waking up every 2-3 hours to feed a baby.

Katie - anything loose fitting and flip flops. I'm big (no pun intended so shut up Brian) into dresses now that it's warm.
Jamison - any thing loose fitting and flip flops and if he can get away with it - naked.
Outstanding difference - I will always be fully clothed - no worries there. And Jamison has never been interested in dresses.

Katie - would love to take a daily nap from 2-3. Would also love to go to bed at 9am if I could settled down, reluctantly is woken up by the sun/son at 6am. Unfortunately, have gotten into the habit of falling asleep on the couch while the kids watch tv around 4:30pm ...this keeps me up later than I'd like.
Jamison - usually needs a nap around 2. Once his head hits the pillow at 7:30 he's done until 6am. And then I proceed to put him back to bed for another hour.
Outstanding difference - I only get that afternoon nap on some Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Katie - Not exactly clumsy but I drop everything I touch and I have to change outfits 1-2 times a day due to food mishaps. Lily has become an expert in picking up things I've dropped - almost without me asking her for help.

Jamison - He trips over dust and also will drop everything he picks up. If we're not going out he stays in his ketchup smeared outfit because I refuse to clean his clothes more than once a week.

Outstanding difference - my problems in this category will improve once I give birth (with the exception of dirty shirts since you know what babies do...) while Jamison will continue to live like this because he doesn't seem to either care or be aware of it.

Energy Level
There are no similarities whatsoever. This should not even be a topic on my chart.
Katie: I have the energy level of a lazy sloth. Or possibly even a dead sloth. A regular sloth would run circles around me.
Jamison: Meets his daily quota of trying to kill himself, destroys 2-3 items a day, and talks from sun up to sun down. Remember learning about stream of consciousness in high school? Jamison could teach the college level class on that topic.

So it has been beneficial that I'm pregnant at the same time that Jamison is a toddler. We take bathroom trips together, eat the same meals, and when he naps, I can nap. So for the next 10 weeks I'll take advantage of this. After 10 weeks....I will be living in a haze and won't be able to analyze anything.

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