Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I Took Pictures of One Day In April

Hi. My name is Katie and I am a delinquent blogger. There are no excuses. Except that I'm seven months pregnant and once my kids are in bed I crash and am a useless human being for the rest of the evening. If I could blog at 10am then I'd post every day. At 10am I can multitask 5 different activities at once. I can wear high heels. I can walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath. I can take both my children into the supermarket and go food shopping for an hour. These are HUGE accomplishments at this point in the pregnancy (according to me).

So not much has been going on and there isn't a lot to report. But since I feel that I should post something here are some random pictures I took two weeks ago when we went for a walk.

The daffodils were in our yard. I've decided to plant more in the fall for next spring.

The last of the crocus. Usually at this point the tulip leaves would already be up and we'd be watching for tulip buds. But an enemy has encroached on our yard. THE SQUIRREL. They ate all my tulips this year. I am harboring bitter feelings towards these guys and I will defeat them next spring! I did a little research and basically I found two options (besides killing them, which I am not against at this point. Don't mess with my tulips, squirrels. The only thing stopping me is having to deal with all the squirrel carcasses). The first is to put down chicken wire. I'm not doing that. That sounds like a lot of work. The second is to FEED the squirrels peanuts in the fall. Apparently this is what the White House does with 95% success. (insert witty comment about the White House gardeners having 95% success at something yet other people in that House...)

Our rhododendrons. Looking for more bees in your yard? Plant some of these.

And my pregnancy brain has lost the name of this tree. I used to know it, I promise. This is in our neighbors yard.

I like this one too. See how boring our life has been this past month? Unless you want me to talk about work. Then, not so boring. For us, at least. I promise that you will be bored. In fact, these pictures will be more interesting to you than our work life any day of the week. So here are some more.

I love this tree. It lives across the street from us and I see it everyday out my front window. It blooms for a week, maybe two. And then it is not so pretty to look at. It's not worth it for me to plant one in our yard for a week of blooms. I'll just let my neighbors do all the work.

This bush is one of the first to bloom in spring. I think it looks best when there are few of them together in a hedge-like, care-free form. This one was lonely all by itself but still putting in a good effort showing off its' color. I have no idea what it's called. I call it "the yellow bush."

And then one morning the kids and I are getting into the car and we heard a really loud goose. I think it's flying overhead so I just ignore it. But eagle-eye Jamison noticed that it was in the neighbors driveway. The goose was not happy. He was mad that he was not in a pond with his family but he wasn't doing much to get out of his predicament - just honking at us. And then when I started taking pictures of him he got even more mad.

(I switched lenses so these pictures look different). The kids wanted to be friends with the goose but I reminded them that geese are not friendly. Here's some random knowledge - there are a few whiskey distilleries in Scotland that use geese as security systems. Or at least they did when I was there back in 1997. They do this because, as aforementioned, geese are MEAN. And probably cheaper than a real security guard.

And then it squatted down in their yard (hard to see) where I was hoping it was not laying eggs. The next day we were driving to my parents house and we passed a pond with geese in it. Jamison was relieved to see that this lost goose found his family. I just agreed with him instead of trying to explain that there are a lot of geese in the world.

We were in the backyard and Lily disappeared. I walked to the front yard and found her like this. What was she doing?

I never asked her because she looked so peaceful (and oddly with her arms crossed like someone in their casket) and didn't want to interrupt whatever she was dreaming about. I just sat on the porch and waited for her to get up on her own.

So that was April. All of it. You can see it wasn't just laziness preventing me from post. It was also because nothing was going on. But May will be different! Lily has started soccer, Brian and I are escaping to Charleston, SC to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and we're heading to Camp Hunt for Family Weekend on Memorial Day.

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mostoller said...

the one tree with the bench in the picture is a Japanese Magnolia from what I can tell...they are my favorite flowing tree as they look like tulip petals. The yellow one is forsythia...we have way too many of those in our yard. They are pretty in spring but the rest of the time they are just a shrub.