Friday, August 20, 2010

Lost Tooth

Since I took about two months off from blogging I'm behind on a few things. I did keep up with taking pictures of everything, though.

Back in June Lily was convinced that one of her teeth was loose. She wiggled it almost as much as she talked about it. So one morning Brian decided to help her pull the tooth with dental floss. I had to leave the room at that point because this type of thing makes me squeemish. Just typing about it now makes my hands sweat and go limp. BLECH.

After 15 minutes of whines and hearing her say "ok, pull it. NO DON'T PULL IT", the tooth popped out. (Note-this happend so long ago that her adult tooth has already come through and is basically in).

I then spent the rest of the day thinking of ways that the tooth fairy can make her first appearance. The best suggestion I received mentioned glitter and a new toothbrush and toothpaste. I never made it to the store to get the toothbrush but I had plenty of glitter on hand to write her note. I sprinkled glitter all over her pillow and made a little trail to the window.

We had to borrow the tooth pillow that I used as a little girl since we were not at all prepared for a five year old to lose a tooth. Even though it was 28 some years old the tooth fairy still honored it and a dollar was left. Nana sewed Lily her very own tooth pillow for the next tooth....which might be any day now since she claims that she has four loose teeth, all on the verge of falling out.

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