Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sacandaga "Vacation"

Our vacation at Sacandaga Lake was slightly interrupted this summer by the birth of Patrick, but I tried to get as many pictures as I could while I was there.

The same families were at the lake - over 20 of us - so there was always someone for the kids to play with.

Lily was excited to swim. Or what she thinks is swimming.

My mother found the perfect fly swatter - it had a fake flower on it in hopes to trick the flies to land on it. You would think a fly would be stupid enough to fall for this, but none of them did and I'm not sure any flies were killed. But Jamison had fun waving it around.

Jamison begged to go on the jet ski but once he was on it, didn't want to go too fast.

Lily, on the other hand, was all for going fast and even liked it when Brian went over the wakes and got some air.

On Sunday night (two days before I actually had Patrick) I decided a boat ride might jar the baby enough to put me into labor.

There are reasons why we joke, with some seriousness, about how dangerous Jamison is. He didn't like me holding on to his life jacket and would have preferred that I let him fly into the water.

And then this lovely shot was sent to me while I was in the hospital. Jamison made a diving board out of a lawn chair. Luckily, the water wasn't deep and there weren't any rocks for him to crack his head on. He's intuitive, we have to give him credit for that.

So, vacation 2010 wasn't exactly a vacation for me and Brian, but the kids had a good time while they were there. I'm very thankful that my parents took care of them while Brian and I stayed in Albany. Next year, Patrick will be able to splash in the water with Lily and Jamie.

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Cary/Ashley said...

I have enjoyed reading the last two are a funny one!:)
So very glad that Patrick made it into the world safely! Keep posting pictures of him. BTW, didn't realize that his middle name was going to Brain. What a wonderful honor for a great dad!