Friday, December 3, 2010

Brotherly "Affection"

I took these pictures a few weeks ago (as evidence by some pictures with Jamie's cast on).

Jamison has a tendency to express his love for Patrick in less-than-gentle ways. So what do I do? Do I risk Jamison having his feelings hurt or risk Patrick have eternal fear whenever his brother comes close to him. It's a toss up. So I try to keep a close eye on them when Jamie feels the need to hug/strangle his baby brother.

Jamie, please put your feet down, that's dangerous.

And then he actually listens to me, puts his feet down, and the whole thing almost flings into Patrick's face.
Is there a baby under there?

It was supposed to be a kiss but I don't think Patrick appreciated it.

I was always terrified whenever Jamie came close to Patrick with the cast. Jamison had no idea how heavy and lethal the cast could be when he swung it around.

I don't know how to explain it but there are hidden magnets in Jamison's hands and Patrick's face. It must be some weird genetic mutation. My new goal everyday - to tell my children "I love you" as often as I say " Get your hands OFF OF YOUR BROTHERS FACE!".

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