Thursday, December 23, 2010

Lily's 6th Birthday

I am so thankful that Lily wanted a smaller birthday this year. Since her birthday is within a week of Christmas, it makes it easier on me when things are simple!

Since the summer she has wanted a decorating party. Easy enough! They decorated gingerbread families and cupcakes. It was incredibly messy and made me miss having a dog to clean up the floors.

Lily's cupcake:

They boys weren't as interested in the decorating as much as the girls were.

Lily's gingerbread family. After completing it she took a bite and realized how DISGUSTING all that frosting really is. They escaped their demise, unlike the undecorated gingerbread family that she did end up eating.

Jamison's gingerbread family. His look like victims of a shooting spree.

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