Friday, January 7, 2011


The night before....

The morning after....

Santa brought Jamison The Bat Cave with a whole bunch of characters that I don't understand. He was captivated and declared it "exactly what I wanted!" and "the best gift ever!". This warmed my heart. And then he made those two statements for each and every gift he opened. Somehow, it was hard to believe that a mechanical toothbrush fell into those two categories. But he was incredibly enthusiastic every time he said it.

Santa brought Lily a whole bunch of fun paints and some random lights that she chose out of a catalogue. One is a glitter bubble lamp and the other makes a rainbow in her room. She still was more interested in Jamison's Bat Cave and Jamie was happy to share it with her.

Lily wrapped random gifts for her dolls. That she then unwrapped and acted all surprised when she showed them the gifts.

This kid has the funniest facial expressions and voice inflections. It's hard to explain in writing - you just have to listen to him. Here he is trying to explain why there are half eaten carrots in our den.

This is the Reeve (Brian's mom's side) trademark sign of concentration.

Brian and Lily are still reading the Harry Potter series so when Lily saw Hermione's wand at Barnes & Noble, he didn't need any further prodding to get it for her for Christmas. Naturally, all it does is sit on her dresser because what in the world do you do with a light up wand?

Patrick woke up a bit later in the morning then the other two. I should mention that Lily and Jamison were told not to wake us until 7am. Lily came in at 7:01, but Jamison was still asleep. She was perfectly fine with crawling into bed with us and waiting until Jamie woke up around 7:30. I couldn't believe her patience AND her desire to wait for him to wake up.

A teething toy! How appropriate!

He did not like being a reindeer.

The kids each took turns opening gifts so it was a nicely paced morning. By 9:30am they were trying to stay awake on the couches while watching a SuperFriends dvd. Since they are somewhat interested in the Marvel comic book characters, we have to go back to the old school shows in order for them to be age appropriate. The more modern super hero shows - not for my children! I couldn't believe some of the situations and topics that were on a show labeled as Youth.

Not the best picture, but we're all together and dressed up.

Jim and Karan were up for Christmas this year. They were up for a bit longer than they wanted to be due to flight cancellations but it was still a good visit.

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