Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle Ken's Election

Back in November we traveled to the hot spot of New York state - Watertown. My uncle, Ken Blankenbush, was running for NY state Assembly and we wanted to be there for election night. In the back of my mind I knew what the NYS Assembly did, but as a refresher I went to their website to get all the details. And sadly, the best explanation was on the Kids Page:

We brought Patrick (who was 3 months old) and my cousin, Denine, brought her son, PJ (who was 9 months old). They wore matching onesies that said "If I were 18 I would have voted for Uncle Ken". My Aunt Linda is holding Patrick and mom is holding PJ.

PJ is huge. And he is very adorable. He'll be one year old in a week and Denine is already in her second trimester for his brother or sister. We're hoping for a brother.

Uncle Ken is not a fan of getting his picture taken. Kinda unfortunate for a politician. Here he is with his "angels" - his wife, my aunt Sheila, and his sisters - my mom and aunt Linda. There was some confusion getting the picture arranged when Sheila (it might have been Linda, I was laughing so hard at the time I just know it wasn't my mother) wasn't sure what to do because she never has held a gun. We quickly brought her up to speed that past experience with a firearm was not necessary - think "Charlie's Angels".

Wanna know what nervewracking is? Watching all the polls being posted on the tv. Here Uncle Ken was less than 40 votes away form his competitor.

And then you see numbers like this and it feels MUCH better!

He won! (it was pretty much expected).

Ken graciously accepted the win on the 11:00 news that night.

On January 4, uncle Ken was sworn in as one of the newest NYS Assemblymen. There were 17 new Assembly-persons sworn in and each got to make a short speech. I was prepared for the long-haul and texted my babysitter that this was going to be a while. But luckily, each of the speeches were short and most were entertaining. It helped that we cracked jokes the whole time. We definitely were not the most reserved group during the swearing in.

Afterwards, we took a family picture. I only noticed later that Denine hid behind her huge son. Not fair, Denine!

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