Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Jeep

We have had to restrain my father from purchasing a Power Wheels for Jamison for a few years now. While we all thought Jamie would love it, we were concerned about his safety. I don't know if you've picked this up, but Jamison is a tad bid accident prone. Every time it was mentioned I pictured Jamison driving full speed into the retaining wall in my parents back yard.

So when my parents decided this was the Christmas for Power Wheels I asked that a helmet be included. I was denied. Apparently that was considered too over-protective. I will admit, I was also the mother who asked that Jamison wear a helmet on the jet ski as well, so maybe I am a little cautious with Jamison. But COME ON! Have you seen my previous posts?!?! He's been to the ER twice, has broken his arm, and has had to have stitches on his nose. That's not even including the silly eye surgery he needed. I actually have a page in his baby book devoted to hospital bracelets. That is just not normal.

So Christmas afternoon Jamison was told to go into my parents garage and see what gift was there. I'm so glad I caught this shot of pure joy on his face - since my parents and Brian were behind him, they couldn't see it.

And then he took off! And despite his training driving with the golf cart, he immediately drove onto the lawn. Or maybe that was because of the golf cart training, who knows?

It took a lot of coordination to figure out how to make it "go" and steer. He was a little timid at first because he just floored it but couldn't steer accordingly. Lily drove it after him and her golf cart training paid off - she loved it!

After driving the Jeep outside for a while it was put in my parents cavernous basement with the bikes. When Maddie and Ruthie came up to visit it was a comedy of errors watching them all try to ride bikes and the Jeep while avoiding the beams that support my parents house. More than once a crying child came upstairs to say they got run over. We considered it a good learning experience for them.

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