Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Now that fall is almost over I thought I should get around to posting about it. Brian kindly got on the roof to clear off some stubborn leaves and debris. I had to stop taking pictures at this point because a certain two year old boy decided to climb the ladder.

Lily and Jamison wanted to help Brian with the leaves but only until they were bored. So they helped for a good 2 minutes and 12 seconds. And when they did "help" it was to create piles of leaves for themselves to jump into. Lily decided to rake leaves on the driveway because it was easier than raking the lawn. If only there were leaves on the driveway originally to rake. She solved that problem by just raking them off the grass and onto the driveway. So helpful. Now Brian got to move them back to the lawn to suck up with the lawnmower.

I caught this football action one Saturday. Unfortunately, I was inside so the pictures didn't come out so great. Jamie is very good at saying "Cowboys" so Brian has him going down the right path.

It's not about technique at this point, apparently.

But it is all about the effort.

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