Saturday, November 21, 2009


A few weeks ago Kristen flew up from Tennessee and she, mom, Lily, and I drove to Rochester for my cousin Denine's baby shower.

I love the place where we had her shower. It was the same place that we had her wedding shower a little over 2 years ago. It's a former mill called The Rabbit Room Restaurant in Honeoye Falls. (pronounced Honey-eye in case you ever need to say it out loud)

Introductions from top to bottom:
Lynn & Denine
Me & Kristen
Jessica & Jill

Lynn lived with our family when I was in high school while she went to pharmacy school. Someone in our family had to be a legal pharmacist to make up for the others who just think they know what you should be prescribed.This is Denine's daughter Myria. She was the lovely hostess of the shower for her mom. Myria will be 19 when the baby is born making her closer in age to Denine than to the baby. Bet that doesn't happen very often.

You know these two.
And this is my mom and my aunt Sheila (Lynn's mom). My mom is in the middle of a very important discussion on WHY IN THE WORLD WON'T DENINE FIND OUT IF SHE IS HAVING A BOY OR A GIRL?!?! This is driving me crazy and Denine is all - it's the best thing in the world not to know. She honestly feels that way. I honestly feel like she needs to have her obgyn give us the sex in a sealed envelope and we will keep it a secret. (as if any of us would be able to not let on in any way. please.)

And there's Aunt Linda (standing) who is my moms sister, Denine's mom, and Myria's Nana. Aunt Linda is what people call "a character". Some others might call her crazy but that's just semantics. She is definitely one-of-a-kind. I could post multiple entries on things that Linda has said or done that you would think I'm making up. She was under control the day of the shower so things were pretty calm. I do suggest this - if you are having a party or small get-together, invite my Aunt Linda. She will keep the conversation flowing for hours. I love you Aunt Linda!

I love the room!! Stone walls, huge wooden beams, glossy, wide wooden planks on the floor.

Whenever we are in Rochester we stop at my grandparents graves. My Nanny passed away when I was 17 and Pop Pops passed away just about 5 years ago. The cemetery they are buried in is um...special. Most of the newer graves are very well taken care of by their loved ones. There is plenty of LED lights, little statues, birdhouses, and random holiday flags. Or just flags of a cat.
Obviously my mother is not happy with something about the graves. Maybe the lack of tackiness that the other graves have?

Mom decided it was time to show Lily where her great-grandparents are buried. We've explained a few times that mom's parents are not alive and Lily gets it. Side note - my sister LOVES the cheesy french fries with extra cheese from Sonic. This picture captures that love in a way that only she, my mom, and I would understand.

I thought this was such a sweet picture. But later mom said that Lily wasn't very impressed by the graves. Of course, we don't make them pretty with gnomes or scarecrows so I can understand.