Friday, November 6, 2009


Frequently Lily gets big ideas that turn into chaotic creativity. And we usually let her create whatever is in her head as long as it doesn't disrupt everything. Sometimes this means she paints an 8 ft mural of a roller coaster on an extremely long piece of paper in the basement. Other times it means that she builds a mobile of the solar system (or her version of it) with floating fairies. Little did I know that she enlisted Brian to hang it in her room. So when I went in at 11:00 one night to make sure she was warm I had no idea what was hanging from the ceiling and it scared the pants off me.

So yesterday she tells me she wants to make maracas out of my empty diet coke can. She says it will be a great way to recycle. Sarcastic Katie wanted to inform her that recycling the cans in the machine will get me my 5 cent deposit back but I decided that wasn't appropriate and I let her think she is saving the environment one diet coke can maraca at a time.

Who knows where she came up with this idea and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if she came up with it on her own. First, she wanted to draw a wrapper on the maraca. That was completed easily enough. The she asked me if I had any "old, small, noisy things." I had to beat back Sarcastic Katie again as she was begging to say - I have one 4 year old, small, noisy thing, would that do? I showed her some dried beans I had in the pantry. She wanted me to open my new bag of rice instead. I explained that the beans would be just as authentic and if authenticity was the issue we wouldn't be using a diet coke can.

I helped her tape the wrapper on the can and she took care of the beans, all the while singing that rice would be better. Making Maracas: The Musical. Thoughtfully, she decided to make one for Jamison too. It was about that time that Jamie woke up from his nap so I didn't really pay attention to her maraca.

Later that night Brian and I were about to head upstairs to bed when he saw her maraca on the table. He asked me if I looked at it. I casually said, not really, I was trying to keep Jamie from eating dried beans that feel on the floor. He told me to take a look. And OH BOY.

So this was my and Brian's interpretation of her wrapper:

Brian: Are those three crosses?
Katie: Did she draw Golgotha?!? What are they teaching in that toddler Bible class??

Katie: That couldn't be....
Brian: Yes, pretty sure it's an angel.
Katie: I'm not sure I like where this is going.

Brian: Well, it appears our daughter has drawn the crosses with an angel pointing at an empty tomb.
Katie: I can pretty much bet that this is not the case but what else can it be?

Why did I think she didn't draw the Crucifixion? Of course she knows about it but when she was first told about Jesus dying in Bible class and at home she was very disturbed. As in, she wanted to understand how nails in a hand could cause someone to die, why was it on a cross, etc..And for months her favorite Bible story and favorite Bible picture was Jesus on the cross. It was incredibly morbid. She has been over this for at least a year but maybe it's coming back? If only it were Easter, then at least it would be seasonally appropriate.

When I asked Lily what she drew she told me it was an angel (well, we got that one right) on stage with three stars (ohhhhhhh, ok, I guess I can see that). I asked her what the angel was pointing to. She told me it was the stage curtain. Glad it hear it wasn't an empty tomb. Although, I'm very glad the tomb was empty - it saved my soul, I just don't necessarily want my daughter drawing the scene on a diet coke maraca.

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