Monday, November 23, 2009


Those of you who are up on news might be aware that there is a certain holiday coming up. I know, it's not very popular so it's possible you don't know about it. We call it Christmas. Ever hear of it?

Lily's been slightly obsessive about Santa. She needs him to understand, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she wants. So much so that I've had to answer multiple questions on the reliability of Santa's helper in the mall and my own reliability to remember each item specifically.

On Wednesday morning I mentioned in response to one of her cross examinations that some children write letters to Santa so that he sees everything in written form and no mistakes can be made with the top-notch quality control at the North Pole. She was amazed and stunned that this was a possibility. Her eyes took on an odd light which I realized was relief that finally, this whole asking Santa for gifts problem would be solved.

So she took the her pictures from the bigillion toy magazines that have bombarded our mail box and circled all the key items. Brian was enlisted to write the letter which, oddly, was incredibly brief. She then stuffed the items in an envelope and (following the pattern I gave her) addressed the letter.

It is one of my most favorite things in the world to watch her work on something with all her effort. And this was serious effort, no joking around allowed. The amount of concentration that she exhibits when she really cares about a project is captivating to me.

So now I've just had to answer questions on if Santa received her letter and if he is working on fulfilling her requests. I told her that Santa doesn't like to be questioned and can hear every word so she better not speak about it again unless it's to the helper in the mall. Hopefully that will quiet her up.

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