Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween has been the subject of 2,857 conversations for the past 7 weeks or so. Lily was insane about the whole idea of Halloween and Jamison got dragged into the excitement without any idea of what Halloween was. To add fuel to the fire, my mother bought a Mickey Mouse Haunted Mansion musical dvd of some sort that the kids fell in love with (this is the biggest understatement of my life but there is no way I can adequately express their obsession with this stupid dvd). So we were more than ready to go trick or treating.

Lily already had princess costumes so she was set. We really wanted Jamie to wear a superman costume but Target only had Spider Man and I wasn't willing to put that much more effort and financing into it.

The weather on Saturday was sunny and windy. But the forecast showed that it was going to pour rain at prime trick or treating time - between 4-6pm. This was going to be a delicate situation with the Halloween fans. We decided the best precaution would be to go trick or treating in the mall during Malloween.

Don't ask why Lily brought a stroller and a doll. It was an issue.

We invited our friends from school - Ella and Claire. Ella and Lily have been in school together for three years and Claire and Jamison have been in the same class for two years. Ella and Claire decided that they didn't want to wear their costumes but instead their costumes would be their pajamas. Gotta love the rain boots!

This was near the end and before lunch. Lily looks how we felt. The mall was packed with crazed-sugar-high kids.

There we go. Jamison is at least turned around. He was on the verge of a meltdown the entire time. Apparently, in all his Halloween education he was never informed that the candy is not all consumed during the trick-or-treating. He was not a happy Spidey. He improved once we gave him some pizza but the whole day was a struggle.

After naps and dinner. Jamison didn't like the mask but I made him wear it for the picture. To get back at me, he refused to smile.

Me: SMILE. Jamison: Candy? Me: Fine. Now SMILE. Jamison: See candy in my teef? Me: Mama is done with Halloween.

Then he did something hysterical. You may have thought that we put Jamison through extensive training in order to make his physique in prime condition for the Spider Man costume. But no, the costume has fake muscles in it. That's actually the main reason I ended up buying it. What is more funny than a two year old in a costume with fake muscles? Answer: When he thinks the muscles are his.
This is his muscle shot. "Look at my muscles!"
Girls have muscles too! Especially princesses who have spent most their lives in the woods collecting berries.

It rained steadily from 4-8pm - but Lily and I snuck out of the house during Jamie's nap and were able to hit 5 house before rain dared to drop on the costume. The kids had a blast giving candy to the kids who came by our house although Jamie did have issues giving the candy and not eating the candy. The older girls loved Lily's costume and she ate that up.
So I thought the insanity would end with the holiday. But no. Daylight Savings Time has caused such incredible havoc with Jamison's sleeping schedule. He is exhausted but still getting up at 6am instead of the preferable 7am. Since he's not allowed out of his bed until I come and get him he lays in bed and kicks the wall or sings for an hour. SUCH A JOY.

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