Monday, December 28, 2009


Before we even get started let me set the record straight. My daughter is wearing pants, she just has them rolled up under the dress. Why? No idea. But don't think I had her walking around with no pants or tights on in mid-December.

She had her last birthday walk at her school. Next year she'll be in kindergarten and I doubt they have birthday walks.

Later that week we had a birthday party at our house to celebrate her first five years. I wanted to keep it small but we failed at that attempt. I thought she would want another princess party this year but after some deliberating she decided that the boys she invited would not like princesses. She concluded that a Dora and Diego party would be perfect for both boys and girls.

Most birthday parties have pizza but I couldn't do that again. I thought quesadillas and nachos would be appropriate for Dora and Diego. Although I'm pretty sure they must live in Brazil since Diego is always in the Amazon. But whatever. I didn't want pizza and I was in the mood for Mexican. I guess I could have done a Brazilian steakhouse theme but I'm not sure if meat on skewers would be safe for five year olds.

My crowning achievement for the day-writing Lily's name in olives in the seven-layer taco dip.

The two leaves in our dining room table come in handy when there are 14 kids.

Even though she did not want a princess party it kind of turned into one. As each girl arrived she ushered them to her room and proceeded to throw a dress over their head. I had no idea she had that many princess dresses but apparently she does. This should explain why most of the girls are wearing dresses over their regular clothes.

Last year, for her princess party, she refused to wear a princess dress. This year, for the Dora and Diego party she was all about the princess dress. I didn't point this out to her but I will keep it in my memory for when she's older and I need to remind her of what she put me through.
"Lily, please bring me my wheel chair."
"Lily, remember your fourth and fifth birthday parties? Remember you threw a temper tantrum when you needed to get dressed as a princess for your party? Remember you dressed as Sleeping Beauty for your Dora and Diego party? Bring me the wheel chair."
Lily and Ella. They have been friends for two and a half years. They'll be going to different schools next year. I'm not sure how well that's going to go over.

Brian and I gave her an indestructible (until Jamison gets his hands on it) digital camera. Brian's iphone was running out of memory with all the pictures she would take.

And then, to make the day even more wonderful Ella's mom took Lily home with her! So while Jamison slept for 3 hours Brian and I did absolutely nothing. We didn't even clean. It was like I got a present on Lily's birthday!


Cary/Ashley said...

Just catching up on my blog reading today. Glad that you all had a good Christmas! Just wanted to tell you that you all get the "cutest family Christmas picture" award!! Loved it!!
Have a wonderful New Year!

Anonymous said...

When it was cold in Florida, when I was growing up, Mother used to make me wear pants under my dress...ewwwwwww. As soon as I got to school I would go to the restroom and take them off, put them back on before I went home! Never thought about rolling them up! Aunt Kathy