Saturday, December 26, 2009


Lucky for us our kids have yet to wake up at 5am asking to open presents on Christmas morning. They still slept in until their normal times and Brian and I think that was a great present.

Our Christmas morning tradition starts with the kids looking to see what toys Santa brought them. Santa's gifts aren't wrapped and there are usually only 1 or 2 gifts per child. This year Jamison got a race track with the cars that you shake to get them to race. When they first walked into the room Lily thought it was for her. So odd since she never has asked for a race car.

She then turned around and saw her doll with lots of clothes. Don't ask what she is wearing. She got the skirt as a Christmas Eve gift from my parents and wanted to sleep in it. If it helps her go to bed at night it works for me.

I am sooooo glad the track came with two cars. Now we just have to make the track smaller so it actually fits in their playroom.

After we inspect Santa's gifts we move to the fireplace to look in our stockings.

Santa left Lily a flower ring from Avon. Who knew Santa shopped Avon?

Jamison got a bag o' dinosaurs...which he has done nothing with but left on the floor and we all step/trip over them.

Then we head back to the Christmas tree and everyone opens presents one at a time. Lily is very good at this, Jamison is not. It was torture for him to have to wait his turn.
Thank goodness she got the bathtub swimming mermaid. I was so tired of hearing about this mermaid. She better play with this doll each and every time her bum gets in that bath for all the talking she did about it.

And then came the gift that rocked Jamie's world. It started with the airport shuttle bus that he keeps calling a school bus. It looks nothing like a school bus.

Next followed the 737 Superfly airplane. I love how Lily was so excited for Jamison when he opened the plane. She said - "Jamison! That's just what you wanted!" Jamie: "I know yiwe!" (He pronounces Lily with a "y" and not a "l" for the first syllable and a "w" for the "l" in the second syllable. So cute.)

Notice Brian holding Lily back. He had to physically restrain her since she really wanted to play with the airplane too.

Lily got a fairy making design kit. She did not want to appear pleased with this gift.

Nana and Poppa gave Jamison a frog puppet that ribbit-ed. He decided to take a nap with it that day and I heard ribbits throughout his nap as he moved around in his sleep.

Brian and I exchanged a few gifts and I received a zoom lens for my camera!! I can't wait to use it! Overall it was a good day despite the kids being completely drained by 10am. We had my parents and grandparents over for a nice brunch and went to their place for a ham dinner. Good food and good memories!

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