Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oklahoma Part 4 - Random Activities

One of the nice things (and let's face it there aren't many) about sharing a hotel room with the kids was that the kids could just crawl into our bed in the morning and I didn't have to move.

For weeks, or possible months, (I started to tune her out after a while) Lily was preparing to learn how to sew at Grandma's. Lily would ask my mother to teach her and my mother's stand-by response was "you've got the wrong grandma, talk to your Nana." So Nana was prepared to teach and a bunch of us women settled in Grandma's sewing room to watch.

Yes, she's wearing a Snoopy shirt over a dress that's over a long sleeve t-shirt. It was her own creation. Eric and Rene gave her the shirt for Christmas and I'm pretty sure she wore it for two days and slept in it the night in between.

After more patience than Lily could muster she finished one side of a pillow. I could tell that she was disappointed that sewing was not something that could be learned in 20 minutes. The next day she sat down with Nana again and they finished it. Two of her dolls are now sharing the pillow in a baby bed.

Later Grandpa got out his riding lawn mower and trailer and gave the kids a ride. Apparently Brian received the same tractor ride when he was the kids age.

While it was a little loud for Jamie that did not stop him from trying to walk around the trailer while Grandpa was driving it. At one point I actually closed my eyes because I thought he was going to fall out and crack his head open. Grandpa turned around and gave him a talk that made an impact and he sat down the rest of the way.

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