Monday, December 28, 2009

Gingerbread House

Last week Lily made a gingerbread house with some of her friends at school. I was thankful that they did this at school after our failed attempt at home. I started taking pictures of our project but only got this one:

It went downhill after that. Jamison wouldn't stop eating the royal icing (disgusting!) and Lily was jealous that Jamison "got" to eat/steal the icing. Then, when Lily and I were washing our hands Jamie grabbed the gingerbread pieces and proceeded to eat them. They were really beyond repair. Lily was devastated and Jamison claimed to still be hungry, but I was done.

So I was happy when she came out of her classroom with this beauty.

It took her a while but I finally got it out of her that they each did a side and she was responsible for the front side. Just by looking at it I could have figured that out because the other sides did not look like something she would do. Can you see the face she created on the picture above? The yellow candy on top to represent blonde hair and the red candy for a mouth? Blue eyes and a pink nose finish it off. The other sides did not have as much...anal retentive behavior? No, no, I mean attention to detail of course.

As soon as Jamison saw this house he wanted to eat it. I convinced him that if he waited until Christmas Day I would let him eat it then. I figured it would be hard as a rock and there would be no way he could eat it. And then I would laugh maniacally from the other room.

And I was wrong.
I seriously underestimated the strength of his teeth. I knew I was being too strict with their teeth-brushing regimen! No more flouride for my kids!

He's gloating.

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