Thursday, June 12, 2008


Jamison started the walking process a few weeks ago. Every time we tried to practice with him he screamed as if we were making him walk across hot coals. The reason is that he is a phenomenal crawler. If we could have a baby crawling race, he would be a contender for the top prize. He would give me looks that he knew that he could get anywhere faster by crawling and that the walking business was so beneath him. I tried explaining that while it was a lovely idea, he would still need to walk in order to participate in all the sports his father expects him to play.

Last week he finally got it. I saw the look in his eye when he walked those 5-7 steps to me. He knew that walking was way better than crawling - better view, less damage on the knees, less dog hair in the mouth, etc... So now the question was this - how long will it take for him to walk full-time? We're still working on it.

Brian took some pictures tonight of Jamie walking from me to him. He was bringing some very important train tracks to Brian. After viewing the pictures I voiced to Brian that they didn't exactly show him walking. He made an excellent point that a still camera is probably not the best method to record movement.

Try to ignore my expressions in the pictures. I was very excited and had no idea I was in the frame.
I will try to get pictures of him climbing since that is really where he excels. As my mother noted a few weeks ago: "I don't believe in evolution, but this kid must have some monkey in him." That was after she found him sitting on her coffee table.

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Reagan said...

i think the picture of him with one foot forward classically illustrates that he is, in fact, walking.