Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On Why the Brit Office is Better

Since everything is re-runs Brian and I decided to watch the British "The Office" the other night. This was our attempts to try to decompress after a LOVELY Monday. (note to self for another post: The Truth from Behind the Lines: Why Married Couples Should or Should Not Work Together)

Anyway, so whilst we were watching the programme (I'm writing in a British accent now. I couoldn't find the "british aaccent font" so you would automatically know that, so I hope this will suffice), I decided that there are a number of reasons why this version of The Office is superior to the US version.

1. Ricky Gervais

2. This version actually has the ability to make me feel uncomfortable - REALLY uncomfortable. Nothing can beat his motivational speech in which RG sings Tina Turner. Simply the Best!

3. The US characters are pretty believable but the Brit characters are even more believable.

4. Brit slang keeps me on my toes. It's possible to completely miss a joke if you don't understand the slang.

5. ummmm it's the original. I was hoping that when the US version came out it would be more creative, more funny, etc... and while it is hysterial and I will always watch it, it just seems to not match up to the creativitiy of the Brit version.

6. I think that i could argue that both have excellent theme songs so this is not really a point. I just wanted to make sure I gave credit where it's due.

I will spare you on why I think the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice is better than the Kiera Knightly least for this post.


Reagan said...

i totally agree, although, i've discovered it is possible to never watch the US version and then just watch a random episode on TBS and be able to understand what is going on. so it did keep that distant plot line feature (with the one great guy at work liking the one great girl at work).
but my case for the british office? i like the banter between tim canterbury (martin freeman-love him!) and gareth keenen much more than their US counterparts.

You know who said...

I personally like the Japanese version. It's funny cause its racist.