Saturday, June 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning

This morning was Spring Cleaning at the church building. We decided to bring the kids and see how much we could actually accomplish.

Since I did something to my back Friday picking up Jamison, I was restricted to window cleaning. Lily was given the choice to play in the nursery with Jamison or to help me clean. Oddly, she chose cleaning windows. To motivate her I called her Cinderella the whole time. I thought it would be a cute idea. Ingenious, even. She pointed out the falsity of my idea:
1. She was not wearing a gown
2. Her hair was in pigtails and Cinderella did not wear pigtails.
3. I was not an evil step-mother
So her logic analysis of the Cinderella-game killed the whole idea.

Brian pulled weeds with Jonathan, Dem, and Jessica in the INTENSE HEAT. It was way over 80* so it was a good thing I was cleaning windows inside. Who knows what would have happened to my flesh if I had stepped out into that kind of weather.
Jamison eventually went down for a nap but was abruptly woken up by the fire alarms blaring throughout the entire building. Lights were flashing, earsplitting sirens wailing, and people were calmly walking around the building wondering why the alarms were going off. Apparently it was a two-alarm fire warning so two fire trucks showed up. At that point we decided to leave before we were blocked in by fire trucks and stuck in a HOT parking lot with our terrified children. Waiting for the alarms to stop:

Despite the fire drill, I was just proud that we got windows cleaned and weeds pulled AND had two children present. I think we should be given bonus points for being able to clean and keep children contained.

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