Sunday, June 22, 2008

SWM Loves Animals

To say that Jamison loves animals would be an understatement. He seeks them out when he enters a room. He lunges for them when they walk by. And he never misses an opportunity to grab a hold of one of them if they happen to be caught unawares.....

Luckily, both Gatsby (the cat) and Tulip (the dog) are pretty laid back towards him. I stress the phrase "towards him" because Gatsby can be particular and if Gatsby wanted to scratch him to shreds he would do it. He gently lets Jamison know when he's had enough and Jamison has been taught to back off at that point.

Here Jamison has found Gatsby relaxing by the back door. Lily is in the background in her princess "gown" which is actually a nightgown but you try convincing her of that. I'm on week 6 of that effort.

Gatsby is just so fat and fluffy.

Petting the cat isn't enough. He MUST lay as much of his body on top of the cat as he can. It's usually at this point that Gatsby feels that his personal space is being invaded.

For this shot, Jamison actually climbed onto the couch to get close to Tulip. I don't think Tulip is as gracious as Gatsby is when Jamison wants to cuddle; she's just too lazy to move. You can almost see her begging me for help in her eyes.

Instead of climbing on top of Tulip he tried to roll. His idea didn't exactly work out according to plan but it wasn't due to lack of effort. If Tulip had more initiative, she'd move her lazy self, but she just sits there and silently pleads with me to put the camera down and remove the man-child.


Rachel said...

I cannot believe you didn't tell me you had a blog!! What in the world! I am so glad you started one and am excited to get to follow you now! Love the pictures of Jamison with the animals! Tulip really does look like she is begging for help! Love you and can't wait to keep reading!

Cary/Ashley said...

SOOO Funny!! Loved the pictures!!
I still remember sweet Tulip from your Searcy days.:)

Mindy Marie said...

this is stinking hilarious...seriously laughing out loud while reading...and the pictures! to cute!!!