Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've Succumbed


So I wasn't ever going to start a blog for fear that I would never keep up with it. Another reason I have avoided this is that I have very high expectations for blogs. But I've given in. I'd like to be able to post twice a week. It will more likely be twice a month. Just making sure we're all on the same page. Now on to the real post:

On Saturday a few of us ran in the Freihofers Run for Women. It's a 5k for women only and over 3300 of us competed. Since my base is 3 miles I really didn't do much in terms of "training" for this race. In fact, because April and May were so busy with work and family I hadn't trained at all. So I was very clear to all my friends that I was planning on running a 13 minute mile - if that. In the end, I paced somewhere around 11 min 22 sec a mile. That explains why I so desperately wanted to puke after the race.

The first race I ran was a half marathon 9 months after I had Lily. I was hoping I'd be able to do something similar after I had Jamison a year ago, but I just couldn't find the time to train properly between the kids and working. So this was the next best thing.

There was a beautiful "before" picture of our group but my eyes are closed and my vanity won't let me post it.

After Picture:

Nikky, Heidi, Demeree, Adrian, Jessica, and me. It was taken on Dan's cell so I think that's why it looks hazy. And that also suits my vanity since you can't see me very clearly at all.

Brian and the kids surprised me at the finished line. I didn't expect them to come to the race since it's such a pain to drag two kids to downtown Albany, find a parking spot, and manuver through a crowd with a double stroller. Although there is a beneift to a stroller in a crowd - you can ram people's ankles if they're walking to slow. Voila! the crowd parts the way for you. Just like Moses and the Red Sea. It's a very powerful feeling and I have now decided to always bring a stroller with me when I go to NYC. Whether I have the kids or not.


Stephanie said...

Horray! I knew you'd join the blogging bandwagon sooner or later! I look forward to checking in on Whittsville!

Russ! said...

Speaking as a transplanted New Yorker, just don't bring that stroller into stores. It will make you the most hated person in the building almost immediately, assuming they don't make you check it at the door to start.

Reagan said...

oh wow. katie has a blog. but i didn't push for it. its just nice.