Friday, January 2, 2009

Dedicated to the Great-Grandparents

We have noticed for the past few months that when Jamison is concentrating on an activity he sticks his tongue out. Here he is trying to figure out the remote controlled car.

This is genetic and he definitely inherited this from Brian's side of the family. Brian's grandpa does the same exact thing when he is working...except grandpa doesn't drool like Jamison. Brian and I find this common trait incredibly endearing.

He knows the remote has something to do with making that car go. He just couldn't quite figure out how to do it.
And even after he figured it out he still kept his tongue out as he maneuvered the car around the room.

My Mammy was up in New York a few weeks ago and she made Lily an outfit. I love the pattern. This picture would have been perfect if her eyes were open.

Instead this is the only shot I got with her eyes open. I hate the stupid princess pose. But I love the outfit - thank you Mammy!!

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24crayons said...

Oh what a great dress! I love that pattern!

You've got a great Mammy!