Thursday, January 22, 2009

Everyday Moments

Monday morning I was driving the kids to my moms house. The following conversation took place between 9am and 9:30am (sorry, addicted to 24).

Lily: Mama, why am I not going to school today?
K: Because it's a holiday.
L: Right. I knew that. Why is it a holiday?
K: Today is the day a great man was born. He had a long name - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was so great that we all celebrate his birthday every year.
L: Where is he having his party?
K: Well, actually, we don't really have a party for him, more of a celebration.


L: What does he want for his birthday?
K:Well...............actually he's getting something he always wanted tomorrow. It's something he always dreamed about.
(oddly, she didn't ask what the present was and since she let on that she knows the difference between white or black - I'm not bringing it up. Let her live in her color blind world for as long as possible.)


L: How old will he be?
K:Well (how do I explain this delicately?) he passed away a very long time ago. He died before I was born and when Grrrmam was just a little girl. But, if he was alive he would have been 80 years old.
L: 8 8?
K: No, 80. You won't be 80 for 76 years - it's a long time away.


L: So how tall is he?
K: I have no idea how tall he was but I think he was tall.


L: And he's not having a party?
K: I think some people are having parties for him but it's more of a celebration of all the things that he believed in. He is not having a party at Chuck E Cheese or Jeepers so it's not like that.
L: (disappointed-ly) Oh.


L: But is he still getting his present?
K: Most definitely. We all are.


Kristen said...

I think that would have been an appropriate time to bring Lily to the viewing of a dead person that she didnt know so that she could touch a dead person, in order to help explain death. I mean, she wouldnt know the person, so I am sure it wouldnt be traumatizing at all. I'm sure you wouldnt even see the need to mention it in a blog 27 or so years later. Or, you could just tell her she isnt invited to the birthday party. Your choice.

Cary/Ashley said...

SO glad that you could remember this conversation. I love it that she doesn't see "color" yet.....I guess that is one reason Jesus said we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of God.

Lila said...

very funny Kristen...Your father was out of town and we were only going to be there a few minutes. (which we were). By the way, I did not ask Katie to touch him; it was her idea....Mom

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

I was, like, SIX YEARS OLD MOM. you let me touch a dead person when i was SIX YEARS OLD. what does it matter that it was my idea? Jamison thinks it's a good idea to dance naked on the table. Do i let him? noooooooooooooo (well, maybe for a second and then I get him down)

Lila said...

I only let you touch him for a second...

24crayons said...

Those are my favorite conversations.. I'm so glad I have kids!