Friday, January 16, 2009

In Favor of Real Trees

I love real Christmas trees. If it were up to me we would buy ours the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Every other year I have been told NO by the man who does all the heavy work with the tree: the lifting of the tree onto the car, tying it down, taking it off the car, and bringing it into the house. So I could never go and purchase the tree on my own since Brian didn't agree with my time frame. There was no way I would even attempt that on my own. This was the first year that I actually got my way due to us being busy every other weekend in December.

The tree smelled beautiful. It looked beautiful. It was the perfect height and width. And I got it when I wanted to get it!! I was very diligent keeping my tree well watered. But -STILL- the falling pine needles were out of control! I swept or vacuumed them up almost every day. This never happens but it only proved Brian's point that we bought the tree to early.

I also like to keep the tree up until New Year's Day. Due to the needle shedding though I took it down as soon as I could after Christmas. Here you can see the outline of where the Christmas tree skirt was amongst all the needles.

Ignore the lazy dog who put in the effort to raise her head when I entered the room. I interrupted some deep, serious, basset thinking. For all I know she had just come up with a solution to the economic crisis and then I enter the room and poof - the answer escaped her. Such a shame.

After Brian dragged the tree out the front door (leaving a trail of needles in case he got lost) he informed me of another possible problem with buying a tree to early - it was starting to mildew. So gross!

Will that prevent me from trying to buy a tree this year the weekend after Thanksgiving? Most likely not - I'll just find some botanical solution to put into the tree stand. I'm nothing if not determined.


Lila said...

That tree was probably cut down in September. So the solution is to cut your own tree down and it will last longer.

Kristen said...

Look! Mom is a botanist too! Amazing! You could also get a fake tree and then some pine scented candles. That would cut down on the needles and you would have the lovely scent.

CapAFD said...

I vote with fresh cut and would add that they sell xmas tree bags that cut out the needle trail to curb side. (Think over sized trash bag that is under the tree skirt.)

Lisi said...

If you win the vote for a real tree again this year, you can replace about 1/3 of the water with either sugar or soda (read the label, if it contains phosphoric acid, you can use it) or add a little bit of bleach to the water. I know that sounds weird, but they all sort of do the same thing. The phosphoric acid somehow keeps the mildew at bay, and the chlorox/bleach kills whatever may be causing the mildew.

in terms of keeping it fresh. if you can, cut the stem a little (at least an inch) when you get the tree home, that way the exposed end is as fresh as can be and can soak up the water. and keep whatever liquid you decide to plant the tree in fresh.