Sunday, January 25, 2009

But She Is A Free Babysitter

So let's go back in time to last January 15. It's 3:55pm and we just found out about the USAirways plane landing in the Hudson.

After watching the tv for 15 minutes, I call my mom to tell her I'm on my way out of work and heading to get the kids. I add on that I don't want Lily to watch the news - the pictures are very odd and could upset her.

Mom: Oh she's already seen the tv.
K: WHAT?!?!
Mom: How could I avoid it? I told her it was a bird.
K: WHAT?!? You told her the plane was a bird?!? Why would you let her watch that? What would make you think it's appropriate for her to watch that?!
Mom: She's not even paying attention. She's playing with princesses and doesn't even know the tv is on.
K: Do you have porn on the other tv? Because I don't know which one would be worse for her to watch.
Mom: Oh please.
K: Mom, we fly all the time. What are the chances that she is not going to ask questions about this as we board our next flight? And where are you going to be when I have to drag a struggling toddler on a full flight screaming "i don't want to go swimming in a plane!"
Mom: I think you're taking it to the extreme. She's too preoccupied with finding an apple to eat so she can die.
K: Do you see the how easily influenced she is? Even Snow White is making things difficult.
Mom: Bye, Katie.
K: Fine. Bye.

So here are my concerns:
1. My daughter accepted the fact that a picture of an obvious PLANE was a BIRD. Really, Lily?
2. My mother had no problem with having a four year old watching (clarification: in the same room as the tv since my mother has determined that Lily didn't pay attention) people struggle to get out of a plane, stand on wings, and get thrown life preservers.
3. Why are we letting her pretend to die a poisoned apple death? I have gone through 5 apples in less than a week.


Kristen said...

I would also be concerned about the conversation that Lily has with you about wanting to go see a bird she can ride on, like the one she saw on TV with all the people riding on it.

CapAFD said...

I vote with your mom.... kids are resilient. I'll bet she even survives eating the poisoned apples.

Lila said...

To clarify, I was watching the tv when this came on so I listened for only a few minutes. I did not tell her it was a bird. She asked why the plane was in the water and I told her it was because of some birds. She then said oh..then went back to being Snow White. She had no idea that it was in the air and birds hit the jets, and it crashed. Maybe she has seen planes land in the water because she did not think it strange at all. (NO, she did not see the people on the wings.) I would never lie to her and tell her it was a bird. Also, besides being a free babysitter, I teach her about God..what a bargain!!

24crayons said...

My Mom watches the news, but the difference is that Elyssa actually will be enthralled with whatever is on television. Once, a little girl was missing, named Catherine, and she was convinced it was her friend Catherine from school - and it was HIGH drahma.

It sounds like Lily isn't doing that, and I would probably worry less about the poison apple thing. Elyssa used to pretend to prick her finger and fall over dead and tell us all 'I, am waiting for my prince, and I need to be dead, so please go about your day and do not step on my fingers'. I mean, you wouldn't want the nail polish ruined right? You need to look great when dead or the prince may not kiss you.

PS. - She's trying to be Nancy Drew now - so NO television for her at all with anything news related. Princess though they lasted a REALLY long time, is really just a phase.

24crayons said...

Ugh, that's 'princessES'.