Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And There You Have It

The other day Lily said she was making a poster for me. Excellent - work hard at it, sweetie. A few minutes later she says she is done and needs me to finish it. This is not usual. Any of her artwork usually keeps her occupied for at least 30 minutes and usually an hour.

She hands me the "poster". It's a piece of paper that's scribbled with yellow marker all over it. She then instructs me to write the following on it:

I comply because I find it very funny. Not only can she not read it but neither can Jamison. Next, to authorize the poster she signs it and tapes it up on her door. I tell her - "that should do the trick, Lily."

We have made it clear in our house that if you want privacy you go into your bedroom. All other areas of the house are open to everyone. So why she needs the sign is beyond me. I think she must have seen it on one of her cartoons. Is there an episode of when Ruby makes a sign on her door to keep Max out? Because I don't think Max can read either.

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