Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Feedback, Please

The weather here is very un-springy (snow) and it's cold. So I'm thinking of warm places.....help me think of more! What's your favorite warm place to go and why? Are you going soon? Tell me all about it so I can stay warm!
I added some pictures that I took this morning, but they're not very good. I couldn't go outside due to my son wanting to also go outside barefoot. That explains why you are looking at a picture taken through a window.
You can also see that it didn't even stick on the ground. It just turned to slush and made everything muddy again. Yay spring.

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Cary/Ashley said...

the mall's a good place to walk when it snows. there's usually a indoor playground too, good for the kidos burning off energy

Panera bread-at least down here in the south they have fireplaces.

I hope your plants make it through the cold weather!