Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Spring Pics

We have not done a lot lately. We go outside when it's not raining but it's April...and there have been showers. And that makes mud.

Here are a few pictures of some driveway biking.

Note that our driveway is not flat. All the kids have to do is lift their feet and they can coast down.

Jamison notices that sister is on her bike and he thinks he can manage something similar.

So he gives it a try.

You may be asking yourself - why does Katie put a helmet on her kid when all he is doing is playing in the driveway?

1. It promotes a good habit. Might as well start them young. Otherwise, I'll have a struggle on my hands when I need him to wear it at three years old.

2. This is what happens when he doesn't wear a helmet. And he wasn't even on his bike. He was just goofing off.
I get all these baby and kids catalogs in the mail and there is one that sells the Bumper Bonnet (picture below from their website). Brian and I always make fun of it and the psycho parents that would purchase this for their kids. Here is the item description:"Learning to crawl? Starting to walk? When baby is accident prone, the Bumper Bonnet prevents bumps, bruises, and tears. The soft, thickly-padded head covering acts as a protective cushion, shielding that delicate little head."

INSANE!!! Or is it? Jamison would do well by one of these. At least physically. Emotionally it would scar him for life. And I'd rather him have facial scars than emotional ones.

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Cary/Ashley said...

Funny!:) I think the couch in the picture was one that I had at Harding (New Marrieds).
Glad that spring has hit NY!