Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Playlist

***Update 3/28 - so this is random. Perez Hilton had two posts that at Beyonce's kick-off concert on Thursday she sang both Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan. Isn't that weird that I mentioned all three of them in my blog and then Beyonce sings them in her show?!?! Does Beyonce read my blog?!?!****

I have always appreciated music but I've never been a die hard fan of many musicians. When I am in the car by myself I tend to scan the radio, listening to 10 seconds of every station, listen to NPR, or classical. Also here in Albany CBS is on the radio so I will also listen to various tv shows. So while I may know all the words to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" it isn't so much because I love Beyonce but more because I've learned the words in my hours of scanning the stations.

Brian, on the other hand, is a music geek and is somewhat elitist when it comes to musical selections. Luckily, he is smart enough to not judge me by what I listen to. Or I should say, he's smart enough to not verbalize it.

Recently I was looking at my music preferences on Facebook and realized that if someone doesn't really know me they would be very confused by my selections - maybe I should change my music choices? I then felt a little bit of inner conflict. Why should I have to change my choices just because others will be perplexed by my list? Why is someone's playlist so important in determining who you are? Why do I feel like my playlist is the antithesis of what I am yet exactly who I am?

This actually occupied my thoughts for a number of days. No joke. Maybe I have a simple life, but to me this was an issue. And then I came up with an analysis for my apathy towards music. Basically, what it comes down to is this:

I like music that either makes me want to move (Just Dance by Lady Gaga) or makes me want to relax (Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole). Most other music is acceptable but it doesn't affect me.

I do remember a time when I liked music that made me think or had lyrics that meant something. Chick music from the late 90's especially - Alanis Morissette or Sarah McLachlan. I don't know why I stopped caring about music that actually means something except that maybe I finally needed music to help me zone out. It's easier to listen to brainless music like Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold" and definitely easier to belt it out when I'm alone in the car. There is little else that can quickly make you feel better than yelling out a song in the car.

So for right now my favorite music is going to be anything that has a fun beat or anything that will help me calm down. Those are my only categories for music appreciation at this point in my life. And if people want to use that as a reason to judge who I am then I am satisfied with that.


Cary/Ashley said...

I still remember you jamming to "Be in the Light" by the Newsboys(?) in Scotland on the short bus.:) Everytime I hear that song on Christian radio, I smile and think of you!

Rachel said...

I want to jam with you!!

Kristen said...

No. Beyonce doesnt read your blog. I solved that mystery.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie. I have a suggestion for you: Kim Walker. Look her up on itunes and add her to your playlist, pronto!

:-) Sharon

PS I just finished Breaking Dawn.