Monday, March 23, 2009

Flower Watch '09 Friday - Monday

I cannot wait to put all these flower pictures together for the kids. I should say Lily since Jamison only pretends to care. He is just excited that we're letting him outdoors again. I'm going to try to make a huge chart to plaster on one of our walls showing the daily progress. In one months time I'm sure I'll just have Lily look at the pictures on my computer and ignore the whole "hands on" idea.

I've divided my flower watch into five groups - single crocus, single tulip, group of crocus, daffodil bunch, and group. (honestly, if this bores you, you should just find another blog right now. I won't be offended). I'll post the pictures so that they are in their group and I'll label them according to the day I took the picture.

WARNING - this is not interesting in any way. I am posting this purely for selfish reasons.

Saturday March 21 - the whole garden area. Daffodils are on left, bunch of crocus to daffodils right. The rest are too small to see.
Sunday, March 22.
Monday, March 23. Temperatures plummeted. It was 22* at 9am when I took this picture.

Friday, March 20 - crocus.

Saturday, March 21 - crocus. Happy Birthday to me! My gift was a bloomed crocus. Lily was so excited that it was purple.

Sunday, March 22.
Monday, March 23 - crocus. Out of no where Jamison has expressed an interest in this flower only. He wouldn't move to let me get a better shot. He was gently petting the flower but I was scared that he would rip it out of the ground and try to eat it.

Friday, March 20 - these tulips are incredibly slow to bloom. The best thing about them is that they last the longest once they do bloom. When I first planted the bulbs years ago I tried to plant them in a fan of colors. They are now all over the place since we re-sodded and messed with the mulch.

Saturday, March 21.

Sunday, March 22.
Monday March 23.
Friday, March 20 - bunch of crocus.
Saturday, March 21.
Sunday, March 22.
Monday, March 23.
Friday, March 20 - daffodils. This is the best shot of the daffodils. I need to stop taking pictures from above and crouch down to take them.

Saturday, March 21.

Sunday, March 22. Do you see another purple crocus in the back of the daffodils?
Monday, March 23. I should just go outside now and take a better picture of these poor flowers. What an awful shot. But it's 30* and I don't feel like putting my coat on. So if you've made it this far in this post you are really faithful.

That's all for now. Don't worry it won't be all flowers in the next post.

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