Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flower Watch '09

Each morning before I load the kids into the car we walk around the yard looking at the flowers that are just starting to pop out of the ground. Lily gets the most out of it and Jamison uses it as an opportunity to make a run for it. On Wednesday he actually pushed the double stroller down our inclined driveway and forgot to let go of it as it speeded towards the road. He was only dragged for a few feet before it (thankfully) off-roaded into our sideyard. I saw all of this out of the corner of my eye as I was talking to Lily about the beauty and wonder of God' creation in the springtime. It kinda ruined the moment.

I took pictures yesterday and today and so I thought I'd document the flower growth for the kids throughout the spring. Unfortunately for you it's a slow story week so.....onto pictures of my yard.

My daughter can't take a normal picture to save her life. She looks like she's presenting the flowers to the bidders in contestant row. So the next items up for bid are the crocus blossoms that have appeared.
(I allow her to choose her stockings and shows so that explains the red shoes with the navy and pink dress)

Here are our tulips.

And the daffodils.

And now for the growth between yesterday and today. Before we actually begin I should point out the following:
1. I didn't plan this comparison so my pictures aren't exactly from the same perspective. They're probably going to be difficult for you to even see.
2. I don't use any of the functions on my camera that would make these pictures better and I know I should. But I don't know how to use them.
3. If you are having difficulties falling asleep or problems staying asleep, just keep on reading. Get in bed, fluff your pillows, and dim your lights. Don't forget to set your alarm.
So here we go.
Wednesday March 18 - crocus. We have lots of yellow, a few whites, and we usually have some purples if the squirrels don't eat them.
Thursday March 19 - crocus. You can see how they've completely opened now. The daffodils are the green leaves near the bottom left.

Wednesday March 18 - crocus, I think.

Thursday, March 19 - now I'm pretty sure it's crocus. This picture is really bad since it doesn't appear to be in focus and the color is bleached out of the flowers. But I promise that these are the same flowers as in the picture above.

Wednesday, March 18 - crocus

Thursday March 19 - crocus about to be attacked by 21 month old monster. You can almost hear the ground shake as he thuds closer to his prey.

The untimely death of some young crocus. Squirrels and rabbits love these blossoms. They don't usually leave any petals behind though so this was a hasty killer.

Now if you are all lucky I will forget to take pictures tomorrow.

On a final note I have to make a correction about an earlier post. For my birthday night out last Saturday I noted that my mother reluctantly babysat my children. To clarify - she was more than willing to babysit the children but the time frame was the issue. It was worked out and I should have be more clear in my statement about her willingness to babysit. Of course now she's somewhere in the Caribbean so I doubt she even cares.

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Rachel said...

How fun!!! I can see the change from the two days even with the different angles of the camera. I know the kids have to love watching them spring up and get bigger each day!

P.S. It makes me sad too that our children have never met. We actually might be in trouble and need to turn our ringers off if Lily and Emma are roommates at HU liked we discussed when we were pregnant--it could get crazy! Dr. Jewell might not understand that one as well.