Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Little Annie Leibovitz

Ever since Brian got his iPhone Lily has been addicted to taking pictures with it. At first we only let her do it when we were all in the same room so she wouldn't accidentally hurt the precious phone. We soon realized that if we let her roam around the house with it she would stay occupied for up to 30 minutes. The risk was worth it. After she returns the phone Brian deletes all the ones that look like this:

Those make up 90% of her pictures. The remaining 10% I have divided into two categories: Princesses and People.

This was the picture Lily sent to Nana when she wanted her to make "The Rippin' Dress". It was after my Saturday morning breakfast and devouring of the paper so the table is a mess.

The next four pictures show a montage that I think is thoughtful for a four year old. This is how I think they should be titled in their gallery:

Prince with Slipper - Silenced by Beads.

Cinderella Alone with Remaining Slipper. (Beads represent her entrapment by her step mother and step sisters)

On the Verge.

Reunited! The Prince and Cinderella are bookended by the slippers that brought them together and united by the circle of beads representing their never ending love. I have no explanation as to why they're so far apart.

The majority of pictures she takes of us are blurry. Here are three taken at a sing that we recently went to. Nikky had no idea that she was also in this picture. Jamison was going crazy so I was holding him upside down. The blood rush slows him down for about 17 seconds. Oh what a wonderful 17 seconds they are!

Poor Nikky got cut out of this one. I'm sure this has hurt her feelings.

She really likes taking pictures of Jamison. Unfortunately, her talent for blurry pictures and his talent for moving non-stop lead to doubly blurry pictures.
Watching golf, I'm sure.

At the diner, eating dinner. Jamison, naturally, is not sitting. At least he's not under the table.

Family portrait. If I had only remembered that Lily put a white bow in my hair this would not have been a bad picture at all.

I deleted about 30 of the other pictures since only Brian and I could ever determine what they were of. I figured these few were torture enough.


Cary/Ashley said...

I like the caption: Silenced by beads. Brillant!:)

Kristen said...

Mom opened this post while I was on the phone with her and said, "Oh! Why is it all blurry? Why would she put that on there?" Then she understood. It was then followed by, "Who is Annie Leibovitz?"

24crayons said...

Those are so awesome!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

isn't that cute. my son loves to take pictures with my phone too.