Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trying Anything I Can

The kids had Monday off from school and on top of that the temperatures dropped and the snow fell. I was able to take them food shopping in the morning but by 11 we were trapped in the house with two hours to go until Jamison's naptime.
I was desperate so I pulled out my ace. We turned our furniture into a fort. This is what our family room usually looks like:
And this is what we turned it into:

We dumped Tulip out of one of the chairs, turned them so the backs became the top of the fort, and created a front porch out of the kids chairs. Later, Lily went on to add more blankets so that it was dark and hot like an Indian sweat lodge. Jamison wouldn't go near it at that point.

But before she turned it into her own little sauna they had a good time in it.

Jamison dragged in his huge bla bla (blanket) and sucked his thumb.

Lily also created a small skylight so she could still watch tv and be in the fort. I thought we should have a picnic lunch in the fort but she thought that was a crazy idea since people aren't supposed to eat on the floor.

Jamison did not understand the purpose of this fort like Lily did. He also didn't understand why he couldn't walk upright in it. So every time he tried to go in or out he would drag the sheet with him by his head. Lily would scream that he was "ruining everything!" and I would rebuild it. At one point she decided she would hold the sheet whenever he went in or out.

So now that I have showed them what we can do with our furniture I have a feeling we'll be doing this a lot more often. There's only so much you can do with weather like this!


Amy Anguish said...

Try familyfun.com for more indoor activity ideas -- I got lots of ideas for my school kids there. I love the fort! I remember building one with the neighborhood kids one time growing up on a snow day that encompassed the whole living room. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Most people would say it was a tent.....in the Meeks family it is always a Fort! Your Dad and I made many a Fort growing up.....the tradtion continues. Aunt Kathy

Rachel said...

I loved making forts growing up and my children love that as well! Sounds like it was a great day to be indoors and build forts!

Jason and Misty said...

It looked more like a cave to me! Excellent construction. YOu should come to oklahoma and show us how to do that. We will pay you in food and laughter. Maybe throw in some brownie batter!