Friday, March 27, 2009

Rare Spare Time

I cannot remember the last time I had this much spare time on my hands, unfortunately it wasn't good circumstances that brought me this time.

I spent Monday at home with the kids since my mother wasn't back in town yet from her mini-vacation. I was home again with the kids Wednesday and Thursday because my mother made an emergency trip to Rochester to be with my uncle who thought he'd scare the crud out of all of us by having another heart attack. Thankfully, Uncle Loren is on the road to recovery despite his hospital room being occupied by my Aunt Linda and my mother and a bunch of my cousins for two days. If he survived that much time with Linda and Lila in a teeny, tiny hospital room, he is, indeed, a strong man. There are a lot of commas in that sentence and I doubt they are being properly used.

So I have had three days at home and I've organized and cleaned out almost everything that I can. Including my eight purses. I don't use all eight at once, obviously, and most days I just stick with my black purse in the winter and a light pink one in the summer. The rest are randomly used as I see fit.

I wouldn't have thought this cleaning would be worthy of a post but I don't have much to post lately (see previous posts on FLOWERS BLOOMING as proof) and I was amazed at the amount of stuff that I found in all these bags.

Here is the list, in no particular order:
2 business cards
4 splenda packets
1 ipod shuffle (I was wondering where that thing went)
6 paper clips
1 Thomas the Train (I'm sure Jamie was wondering where that went)
1 half eaten South Beach Diet breakfast bar
7 pens
3 pieces of gum
1 cough drop
1 mint
1 lactaid (note: I haven't needed lactaid since I was pregnant with Jamison - 2 years ago. Apparently I don't clean out my purses often enough)
1 Barnes & Noble receipt from August 2008
1 coloring book page from The Picture People (Lily colored it while we were waiting for our pics in November)
1 gate check bag (This was from my trip to Searcy for Reagan's wedding. This was the flight that I literally had to jump from the jetway onto the plane because I was so late for the flight. This was also the day that I started reading Twilight....memories....)
1 e-ticket for this same Little Rock trip
1 Heritage Inn room key (also from Little Rock trip...that bag hadn't been cleaned out since November)
2 lotions
2 free panty cards from Victoria's Secret....expired...I hate when that happens
1 hair clip
2 chap sticks (anyone who knows me should be surprised that there weren't more than 2. And that I would let 2 chap sticks disappear in the depths of a bag)
1 travel pack tums

So I can't say that my life is so exciting that my children have cows named after them or anything like that, but at least I feel like everything in my home is clean and organized. Is anyone else finding fun things while doing your spring cleaning?


Rachel said...

Sounds like me with cleaning out purses! Why are those always one of the last things to get cleaned out? The ones we carry on a consistent basis, you would think we would go through more!?

I just recently organized the kid's room--threw away broken toys, happy meal get the idea. Well, it is amazing the crud that builds up in drawers and toy boxes!

Thanks for sharing your list and enjoy your organized and clean house!

Amy Anguish said...

I can actually beat that. I cleaned out a purse last year and found a note that had been written and passed when I was in the 10th grade. I've been out of high school since 2000. Obviously, I don't clean out my purses enough, either.

Matt and Rachel said...

I found a toy elephant, hairbow and crayons when I cleaned out my pantry last week. :) Oh, and 2 gloves that don't match!

Jason and Misty said...

we lost joshlynn for a few hours, she was in my purse, luckily there were some crumbs to nibble on! One time I found an old green bean in my bag. We don't eat green beans! Is my bag growing things?