Saturday, March 14, 2009

Night Out

So If I lived near my sister and her husband, Mark, I would go out on dates with Mark every weekend. Of course, Brian would be with us. The three of us have a deep love for food. It actually doesn't matter if it's a nice restaurant or not as long as the food is DELICIOUS. Mark, Brian, and I love trying new foods and eating A LOT. My sister, on the other hand, prefers mozzarella sticks. When she's feeling wild she'll branch out and have chicken fingers. Occasionally she'll order french onion soup. That's fancy food for her.

So coincidentally, Brian and I and Kristen and Mark all went out to dinner tonight...985 miles apart. Mom and dad offered (reluctantly) to watch the kids so Brian and I could celebrate my birthday a week early and Mark and Kristen had a gift certificate and most likely used their live-in babysitter to watch the twins.

And it was before appetizers that I received this picture:

Mark was excited about his food. Kristen titled it "Tomatoes and Cheese." The mean side of me wanted to write back: "you mean caprese salad?" But I didn't want to confuse her.

So I sent her this picture:

I thought it was a little trendy and therefore not necessary, but our restaurant offered a variety of sea salt with the meal. We've been offered varieties of olive oils and mashed potatoes but never sea salts. I'm a fan of salt and I do love sea salt but what is the point of having four different salts on the table? It's not like you can just take a spoon and eat a bite.
And we texted all through dinner. Here is a sampling:
Katie: I ordered a duck taco appetizer with a mango salsa in a Parmesan shell and an encrusted sea bass for my entree.
Kristen: That's exactly what I ordered!!!
Katie: What did Mark order? (what was the point of asking what she ordered?)
Kristen: We're at a steakhouse so we both ordered steak.
----------10 minutes goes by-----------
Kristen calls: So Mark just got a new client and he wants to support her.
Katie: ok?
Kristen: Well she plays roller derby so we're in line to watch the Nashville Rollergirls.
Katie: You're going to a roller derby game?
Kristen: Yes, we just ate at a 4 star restaurant and now we're going to watch roller derby.
Katie: I can't beat that.
And then she sends me a picture as proof:
The home team. Mark's clients game name is Fully Addomatic...because her real name is Addie.

Kristen: There is an odd number of children here.
Katie: Their moms are racing. Familial support.
Kristen: I would give anything for you to be here to see this.
Katie: Can you take pictures?
Kristen: I can, but it doesn't do the national anthem done on the fiddle justice or the fact that it's sponsored by pabst blue ribbon beer.
Katie: I haven't told you about our recent St. Patrick's celebration experience.
Kristen: Please tell me it doesn't involve Pabst blue ribbon beer.
Katie: No, our restaurant was in downtown Albany and apparently our reservations were for an hour after the St. Patrick's Day parade ended. Let's just say there was A LOT of green and drunks. Driving was interesting since drunk people consider the street the sidewalk when they can't differentiate between the two.
Kristen: Mark just told me he wants me to go to the Nashville Rollergirls open auditions.
Katie: What would your nickname be?
Kristen: I don't know. But randomly Nicole Kidman is here.
Katie: What!??! You have to get her picture! Are you sure it's here? Is Sunday with her because that would be odd.
Kristen: No, it looks like she's with a girlfriend.
Katie: Are you sure it's here? That sounds weird.
Kristen: Yeah, I thought so too. I keep watching because when she gets up I'm going to intercept her.
Katie: Try to hear if she has an accent.
Kristen: Ok, I just met her. She wouldn't let me take her picture because she had to say no to other people. But she shook my hand and I got to talk to her!
Katie:Did she have an accent?
Kristen: Yes it was her. Very tall.
Katie: That's your proof!?!?
Kristen: Katie. it was her. I talked to her. She was leaving because of all the camera flashes.
In the end, until I see a picture or read on that Nicole Kidman was at the Nashville Rollergirls roller derby game I will put money on the fact that my sister shook hands with a transvestite who is the next contestent on RuPaul's reality show Drag Race. She was at a roller derby game, after all.


Kristen said...

I hate you.

CapAFD said...

Where did you dine?

Lila said...

I was want to clarify that it was MY IDEA for me to babysit the kids so Brian could take you out for your birthday since Dad and I won't be here next weekend. The "reluctant" part came when it became a 10 hour dinner since I do babysit them during the week..once again free and they do learn about God....I would say "I hate you too," but God wouldn't like that!!!

Lila said...

The English teacher part of me must's "I just want to clarify.....

Brian and Katie Whitt said...

Bill - The Brown Derby - it's on Clinton across the street from The Palace Theater.