Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPRING...for now.

Now that the weather has consistently reached above 40* I would like the world to know that the Whitt family THANKS GOD for the wonderful weather we have had for the past few days.

Jamison is so much happier outside! Naturally, he is still letting us know when he has a different opinion - we're just trying to guide that behavior in the proper direction at this point. But when he hears that we're going for a walk that boy is pulling his coat off the hook trying to get ready.

I admit that I am ready for the surprise spring snowstorm that we usually get but we'll take advantage of every minute watching the crocus and daffodils slowly peep their little blossoms out of the ground.

Pictures soon!

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Matt and Rachel said...

We're thinking about disney world this summer if we can squeeze it in. Can you email me how to book a princess breakfast and any other suggestions. I haven't been there since I was little!