Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Trip

Last month dad and I had a trade show in Orlando ( not tell Lily what is in Orlando). My grandparents were wintering in their RV about an hour away in Zephyrhills so we went to go see them after we set up the booth in the exhibit hall (absolutely no fighting between dad and I so it was a success!).

Coincidentally, my Aunt Kathy was also visiting them from Little Rock so we had a little family reunion. It was interesting to hear dad and Aunt Kathy talk about how they grew up in the next town over - Lakeland-and how things were when they were little.

I'll leave out the part where I finally succumbed to the pestilence that made it's way through my entire household and encamped in me while I was out of town. Let's just say that I was five pounds lighter by the end of it all. No complaints about that!

Before dad and I headed back to Orlando we took some pictures with my phone:
Mammy, dad, Aunt Kathy, and Grandpops.

Mammy, me, Aunt Kathy, and Grandpops. The RV made the perfect backdrop.

After church on Sunday I received this picture of Brian and Lily:

They went to Smokey Bones for lunch. For some reason Lily loves that restaurant. She doesn't really eat a lot of food unless it is sprinkled with candy so I can't say it's because she loves their cuisine. I think she just likes to say Smokey Bones.
And then Lily sent me this picture:

This is what you get when you teach a 4 year old how to take pictures on an Iphone. In the near future I will dedicate a post to her Iphone photographs - they are truly inspiring and deeply vague. Later she and Brian went bowling with our Young Families group while Jamie spent the afternoon with Grrrmam.
It's always tough on the kids when one of us is traveling and unfortunately I'm the one that is usually out of town. Thank goodness Brian is such a supportive husband who can take care of the office as well as our family! He only earned 100 gray hairs on this last trip - our goal is for less on the next one in April!

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Christine said...

I was the "lucky" subject of one of Lily's photographic attempts at bowling that afternoon. Hopefully Brian obeyed orders and deleted it.